The inventor of the MASTER WIRE TWISTER is a Master himself.

With 30+ years of experience, Ghislain Chabot is a Master Carpenter from Cobourg, Ontario.  Chabot observed a real need in the construction industry, which inspired him to create the Master Wire Twister.

The amount of wire twisting that has to happen on a commercial construction site can be extensive.  Chabot saw and experienced how hard it can be to twist heavy gauge wire entirely by hand, repeatedly, while also making sure it was all uniform and twisted to code.

Ghislain created a tool that is ergonomically designed to help the worker accomplish the task without fatigue on his hands, wrists and fingers.  That was the number one priority when this tool first became an idea.  Once the idea was turned into a prototype, and then a product (with a Patent Pending on it), it also became very clear that this tool is not just good for the worker, but it also greatly benefits the employer/contractor.


The benefits to the EMPLOYER/CONTRACTOR are threefold:

  • increase in efficiency
  • reduction in labour costs
  • reduction in WSIB costs (Carpal Tunnel and related problems)

Seeing the obvious benefits the MASTER WIRE TWISTER provides, it’s important to note that many different trades within the construction industry can benefit from using this tool.  Go here to check out  WHO BENEFITS?

To discover how you can own the MASTER WIRE TWISTER click here to go to the Product page.





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